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The Arab-Israeli Conflict for Critical Thinkers (in development)

The Arab-Israel conflict is unique among conflicts in the world because of the historical, religious and political dimensions of the dispute. This course explores those dimensions and is divided into three parts:

In Part I: The Roots of the Arab-Israeli Conflict, we’ll look at the role that history and religion play in the conflict and provide some background on the peoples at the centre of the dispute—Arabs, Palestinians, Israelis and Jews.

In, Part II: The Modern Origins of Arab-Israeli Conflict we begin with the rise of Jewish and Arab nationalism in the 19th century and examine the role that WWI and the British Mandate for Palestine played in the conflict.

Part III: The Arab-Israeli Conflict 1947-? focuses on the key events leading to and following the founding of the state of Israel, including the wars between Israel and the Arabs and the various efforts to achieve peace by the international community.

We’ll also analyze the future prospects for peace between Israel and the Arabs, and the factors that must be considered in any final negotiation aiming for peace in the region.