Emet Education is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to become a leading provider of online lessons and resources in the area of Israel education to the general public, schools and educators.

What makes Emet Education’s approach unique is the emphasis on critical thinking. Emet’s programs encourage the use of fact-based logic and reasoning so students can arrive at their own informed conclusions. This methodology empowers participants to filter fact from opinion in studies about the often polarizing issues surrounding Israel.

Emet Education offers video lessons, books, teacher guides, and presentations that cover a wide range of topics and issues. Emet Education’s approach combines thought-provoking questions, debates and interactive discussion in a modular format.

Over the years, the modules have yielded consistently positive results, whether delivered as formal education in a senior high school or university classroom, as informal education on campuses, or as talks and courses for adult audiences of all denominations.


Emet Education’s Statement of Purpose

To emphasize critical thinking in the education and understanding of:

  • Israel – Land and People
  • Monotheism and Bible in World Relations
  • The Roots of Western Democracy and Values
  • Anti-semitism and Related Prejudice

To focus on educating in formal and informal non-nominational settings by:

  • Creating and delivering courses;
  • Publishing and distributing books, primers and teacher resources.
  • Training teachers and student/community leaders;
  • Delivering online and in-person lectures and talks;


Our Impact

  • Over 70 educators trained
  • Presented to thousands of high school and university students and faculty of all denominations
  • Presented to hundreds of delegates, educators and community leaders at non-denominational conferences in Basel, Switzerland (2011) and Jerusalem (2012)
  • Presented to Canadian Parliamentarians and Senators on Parliament Hill in Ottawa (2013)
  • Resident of Genesis, the UJA Federation of Greater Toronto’s Centre for Jewish Innovation
  • Published Israel in World Relations —Textbook and Teacher’s Guide


Emet Education Founder/Author – Richard Bass

Richard Bass is the founder of Emet Education and author of Israel in World Relations, which is fast becoming one of the most sought after resources for teaching about Israel. Using critical thinking, he takes participants through a process of analyzing claims, and how to apply that process to the often complicated and polarizing topics that are part of learning about Israel. One of his central aims is to encourage people to uncover facts, see both sides of an issue, and evaluate the strength of competing arguments.

A former U.S. college football coach and teacher of law and philosophy, Richard has presented his work to audiences of all denominations at international conferences in Europe and Israel, to Canadian Senators and Members of Parliament, and to communities, campuses, and university student groups across North America.

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Israel in World Relations Book

Israel in World Relations by Richard Bass, is a thorough and engaging account of Israel’s crucial role in 4,000 years of world history, ideology, religion and politics. It is one of the best resources for understanding the issues in the Middle East today.

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For bulk orders or to order the Teacher’s Guide please contact info@emeteducation.org